Label - The “name” of the field that will be visible during content editing. We recommend using simple names that will tell you what this field is designed for. For example, if you want to display some additional technical details on the product page, use “Product technical description” as a label.

Description - The additional “description” or “instructions” that will be visible under the field name during content editing. This can be empty, but for more complex use cases we recommend adding some short descriptions about what this field is used for, or how to fill it. For example for “Product technical description” it can be something like: “Fill in with technical details. Will be visible on the product page after the main product description.”

Key - This is the most important setting. A key needs to be unique and will be used to reference the field content. It will be generated automatically from the Label field, but since a key can have max 10 characters, sometimes we recommend using your own key instead of the auto-generated one. For example for “Product technical description” the auto-generated key will be “product_te”. You might instead use an acronym like “ptd”.

Type - The type of the field you want to use. All types of fields are described here.