Use cases

You can use an Integer field for the same cases as a Number field, but with restriction to non-decimal values. For example you can use this field to describe technical attributes of your product and use a suffix as a unit. Thanks to this everyone who wants to edit this field will be aware of how it will show on your shop template. 


Min value - Minimal value that can be stored.
Max value - Maximum value that can be stored, If 0 is used there is no limit.

Prefix - prefix string that will be visible before content during editing.
Suffix - suffix string that will be visible after content during editing.

Difference between Integer and Number field during editing

Example Usage

{% assign width_cm = product.metafields.airf.width_cm %}

{% if width_cm and width_cm != '&nbsp' %}

    Product width: {{ width_cm }} CM

{% endif %}