A Field can be displayed as a drop-down select field, checkboxes or radioboxes. Checkboxes allow for multi-select options.

Use cases

You can use this field to store the options available for products that are the same globally, and you do not want to repeat yourself, and enter them as strings over and over again. For example if you offer a guarantee for your products, and some of them have a one year guarantee, and other a three year guarantee you can predefine them. Then just select the correct one during product editing.


Display - The way options will be available to select during edition. Available options are: select list, checkboxes, radioboxes. Checkboxes allow for multi-select options.

Options - The list of available options. Add each option in a new line in format  “option value : option label” where “option value” is used in template, and option label is visible during editing.

{% assign guarantee = product.metafields.airf.guarantee %}

{% if guarantee and guarantee != '&nbsp' %}

    This product includes: {{ guarantee }}

{% endif %}