Use cases

Like a Text field can be used to store the title of subsection, similarly a Textarea can be used to store content of this subsection. It can also be used to store additional descriptions or aside blocks of text.


Min characters length - Required minimum length of text that.

Max characters length - Maximum length of text that can be entered. If 0 is used there is no limit.

Number of rows - how tall this field should be during editing. Reflect how many rows of text can fit the field area.

Example Usage

{% assign sub_text = product.metafields.airf.sub_text %}

{% if sub_text and sub_text != '&nbsp' %}

    <p>{{ sub_text }}</p>

{% endif %}

Can be also combined with example from Text field to show title and content of subsection:


{% assign sub_title = product.metafields.airf.sub_title %}

{% assign sub_text = product.metafields.airf.sub_text %}

{% if sub_title and sub_title != '&nbsp' and sub_text and sub_text != '&nbsp' %}

    <h2>{{ sub_title }}</h2>

    <p>{{ sub_text }}</p>

{% endif %}