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Basic field set-up

Each Airfields field can be configured in a way that will best fit your needs. Each type of field has its own unique controls. However, there are basic controls that are the same for all field types:

Field type - JSON

A JSON field is designed for advanced users to store JSON objects and have access to key:value pairs in a Liquid template.

Field type - Relation

This field allows you to make relation to other resources in your Shopify.

Airfields CDN theme

All images uploaded by Airfields are stored as assets in a special theme named "Airfields-Cdn-Theme".

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Field type – Video

A Video field type allows you to embed a video from Vimeo or YouTube directly into your template. All you have to do is to paste the video share URL, and the player will be rendered on your page.

Field type – Image

An Image field allows you to upload your own images, and use them wherever you want in your template. Images are uploaded and stored on Shopify CDN, so you do not need any external image storage!

Field type – HTML

HTML field is designed to store a short html code that can be injected into a template. The HTML field provides a syntax highlight for better readability and editing experience

Field type – Date

A Date field that will show a datepicker during editing. It can be used to select and show a date only or date and time.

Field type – Number

Number is a simple field that allows you to store and show numeric values. This field can use decimals as values.

Field type – URL

The URL field designed to store a web page url. It will validate the correct url format. Note that it needs to be added with http:// or https://.

Field type – Phone

A field designed to store a phone number. Accepts up to 16 digits, and allows special symbols like:  “-“, “+”, “(“ and “)”.

Field type – Boolean

A Boolean field stores true/false information. Based on this you can conditionally control parts of code in your template.

Field type – Color

A Color picker field allows you to choose any color you want for a section on your site. Color is returned in the hexadecimal format, so you can use it in your code whenever you want.

Field type – Repeater

The Repeater field allows you to “repeat” grouped fields over and over again during editing. Imagine a wrapper for any kind of field type which allows you to create a repeatable set of blocks.

Field type – Integer

Integer is a simple field that allows you to store and show integer values. Unlike the Number field you cannot store decimal values here. For an integer field you can also set up a prefix and suffix that will be visible during content editing.

Field type – Selection

A Selection field is used to show a predefined list of items available to select during editing. This way you can be sure that you will not make a typo during edition. Also you can be sure that the value used in this field will be taken from a predefined list - no wrong values anymore!

Field type – Text

A simple text field. Designed to store short one-sentence/one-word strings.

Field type – Textarea

Field designed to store longer text. It should be used everywhere, where a Text field is not enough (too short), and where it needs longer content.

Field type – WYSiWYG

A field similar to Text area, but with rich text editor controls. You can format text styles, alignment, weight, etc. Just like in your text editor.

Field type – Group

Group field is a kind of “virtual” field that cannot be displayed on a template, but is visible in the editing view. Thanks to the Group field you can better organize your fields schema, and optimize your editing.

Field type – Email

Field designed to store email addresses. This field will validate if the value is a correct email address.