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Field type – Selection

This type of field lets you create a list of options that can be selected during a metafield edit. Each option can have different values and labels.

Field type – Integer

Thanks to the Integer field you can restrict values to a number in a given range. Note that unlike the Number field you CANNOT use fractional values like 1.25 etc.

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Field type – Video

Thanks to this field you can easily embed Vimeo or YouTube videos.

Field type – Image

Allows you to upload any image.

Field type – HTML

Field that allows to write a simple html code snippet that can be later used within the Liquid template.

Field type – Date

This field is designed to store a selected date. You can choose between a date or date and time pickers.

Field type – Number

Thanks to the Number field you can restrict values to a number in a given range. Note that unlike an Integer field, you CAN use fractional values like 1.25 etc.

Field type – URL

Validates a proper url format. The string must contain http:// or https://

Field type – Phone

Validates a proper phone number, allows characters like digits, +, -, (, ).

Field type – Boolean

Think of it like of on / off switcher. You can configure custom labels for true / false statements for the values.

Field type – Color

Shows a color picker widget for simple color selection. There is even an option to provide color as web hex or rgb.

Field type – Repeater

Thanks to the Repeater, you can create subfields of different type and then, when editing eg. product metafields, dynamically add and remove multiple instances of those subfields.

Field type – WYSiWYG

Field for advanced text formatting. Allows to use paragraphs, mark parts of text as bold or italic. You can even upload images like in any text editor!

Field type – Group

Allows you to group other types of fields for easier management and greater readability. Simply add new field to a group or drag and drop existing ones into it.

Field type – Email

Validates a proper email format.